About 1veteran.org

1veteran.org was formed to offer education, guidance, support, resources and anything else veterans, their families and friends seeking a successful life before during and after your military duty.

When we go into the military we become apart of a team of two or more. When we leave the military we become Independent and an individual. Civilian life is different. The rules are different. Our lives are different. What do we do, where do we go?

This website is designed to support all veterans no matter what branch, how isolated, we may be, feel or seem.

No one needs to be alone!

When you come across a deadend, your questions weren’t heard, your still seeking support for your civilian success you feel like 1 veteran in your world. We are here to assist, guide, educate, & direct you until you achieve the help you seek.

At this time I am the “1” veteran, Seeking those like me who are passionate to continue serving our veterans who served.¬†Thank you for your patience and understatnding. in time as we build the infrastructure, we will have a team.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for supporting those of us who have served. and Welcome to those interested in a future of service.


Andrew Blume